The Alternative Media Access Center/Tools for Life is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website for people with disabilities. All of the pages on the AMAC website should conform to Section 508 standards. The AMAC website has been validated using the W3C Markup Validation Service and WAVE.

If you encounter any accessibility issues with our website, please contact us.

Access Keys

Access keys have been established for keyboard accessibility of major navigational elements.
  • Access key 0: Home
  • Access key 1: About Us
  • Access key 2: Services
  • Access key 3: Membership
  • Access key 4: Initiatives
  • Access key 5: Contact Us
  • Access key 6: Become a Member
  • Access key 7: Braille Services
  • Access key 8: Search Our Textbook Library
  • Access key 9: Frequently Asked Questions / Wiki

Visual Design

The AMAC website utilizes the following:
  • Cascading style sheets to control page elements. Style sheets can be turned off the page.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript are properly identified.
  • Relative font sizes; text is resizable.
  • Limited usage of tables. Tables are labeled when relevant.
  • Color is secondary to meaning.
  • Non-flickering screens.
  • Links have title attributes or descriptive targets. Links are written to make sense out of context. Link text is not duplicated (same text means same link).
  • Images have ALT attributes.
  • Contact information is available on every screen.

Navigational Elements

The AMAC website utilizes a standard template with navigational elements as follows:
  • Pages are keyboard accessible using the tab key or Access keys as defined above.
  • Links: link titles are clear and concise and make sense when read out of context.
  • Horizontal navigation links are located at the top and bottom of each page.
  • Vertical navigation links are located at the right of each page.